Toyota Dream Car Art Contest



Toyota Dream Car Art Contest


12th Dream Car Art Contest- 2018

Every child, within their dreams and aspirations, seek out opportunities. Amid the loads of dreams that a child might dream of, a world of fantasy might be crafted into the child’s imagination- a world that never existed.But if they are given an opportunity to materialize their dreams, they might feel the special charm of their dreams coming true.Bearing this perception in mind, Toyota has been arranging the “Dream Car Contest” for years and Navana has remained an active participant throughout these years.

The aim here is to encourage creativity, interest in cars and an understanding of the role they play in people’s lives.The 12th Dream Car Art Contest in ON!! If you think, you fit in well for this contest, please ensure your entry as per the details mentioned below:


Hello Folks

Happy Friday!! How are the dreamers doing today?

Lets have a look at the content below which will help you participate in the contest!
Participants Age Categories:

Category 1: Under 8 Years Old
Category 2: 8-11 Years Old
Category 3: 12-15 Years Old
(Age calculation till 01 January, 2018)

Entry Deadline: February 28th, 2018
Entry Guidelines: A3 Size Paper with Any Drawing Materials. Entry Form Should be attached with the artwork (Please do not use staple or use any kind of glue).
Not Acceptable: Computer Artwork and Drawings that resemble the previous Toyota Dream Car Art Contest artworks.
Awardee: Top 9 – 3 from each category
Reward: A trip to Japan along with one of your guardians!!

For your reference, here is the link for the entry form :.

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